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Published on Jumat, 16 Oktober 2009

American tourist still to bali

American tourist still to bali

Denpasar - foreign tourists from the U.S. who do not seem to travel less affected by the terrorist threat, so are too busy to come on holiday to Bali.

"Pascaaksi bombing in Jakarta last July, tourists who come from around 32 countries in the region to American Benoa Bali, was recorded quite busy," said Tjokorda Gde Agung, tourism observers, in Denpasar, Friday (16/10).

He is also remembered for the hospitality accommodation in Ubud tourism area, the claim still often receive a group of tourists from Canada, Argentina, Brazil and the United States of the Union, with the volume quite a lot.

While the report mentioned the Bali Tourism Office, the U.S. tourist who came directly to this area since the last three months, starting very stable with an average of 10,000 visitors per month. As of January-August 2009, recorded 72,574 people.

"American foreign tourists to Bali is still busy, although there are threats from terrorists. This means that travelers are feeling confident that Bali is still safe and comfortable place to visit," said Gde Agung.

Special USA travelers who flew directly to Bali between January and August 2009 recorded 48,368 people, up three percent compared with same period in 2008 that only 46,923 people, or is in 10 major supplier ratings tourists to Bali.

The number of U.S. tourists contributed 3.3% of all foreign tourist arrivals to Bali as many as 1,117,043 people during January-August 2009. U.S. under German tourists who supply the 50,100 people or 3.3%.

Gde Agung assess tourists Uncle Sam's country of origin was still enough to believe the world tourism Bali.

"Although there are still terrorist threats, including still hit by the global economic crisis, but they are still busy flying on holiday to Bali," he said.

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