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Published on Rabu, 08 Juli 2009

Imado Temple, the Temple of soulmate in Japan

Imado Temple, the Temple of soulmate in Japan

Tokyo: If you usually hear a beep saying, 'There are many roads to Rome'. This time we can pelesetkan to 'Road to Many Jodoh'. That's what happened in Japan. Sunrise in the country is quite difficult to find a mate. Even-up, the government took 'recommend' to young people who enter the age of marriage was soon married and have offspring.

In Japan to search for a mate can be through several ways. There are a partner through the bureau, through comblang friend, partner or through parents. And that is quite unique, is through the temple. Many single males and Japanese girls looking for a mate to them here. Imado temple, known as the place to find a mate, regularly hold events together mate.

Events in the Temple started with you in prayer with God and how to bow clap their hands. Then the participants start to enter in a room where men and women. This is where they chat to find pairs that are considered suitable. Initially many participants who looks embarrassed to start the chat. But along with the time running, they start to do so. In fact, many of them, which then exchange phone numbers. However, the temple management did not know for certain how many couples successfully to pelaminan through this program.

Up to now, such as Reuters is written, as many as a thousand people have registered in the program. According to the data there is a 3800 Japanese government bureau partner that offers a similar program.

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