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Mini Sea Horse from kalimantan Island

Mini Sea Horse from kalimantan Island

Taksonomi international commission, a commission that is responsible for the exploration and classification of living things on earth, Friday (22 / 5), together with the International Institute for Species Exploration, the University of Arizona, 10 species of the latest findings of the most popular in 2008.

Among the 10 species of the latest findings is that a species mini-sized sea horse, which lives in the depths of the sea area Derawan, Kebupaten Berau, East Kalimantan. Species of sea horses are given the findings of this new name, Hippocamus satomie, measuring the length of the 13.8 millimeter and 11.5 millimeter wide. Name suffixes satomie, to honor one of the divers, Satomi Onishi, who has helped collect this collection of species discovery.

Derawan Islands in East Kalimantan, for this is well known as gudangnya marine biota is unique-unique. Various species of sea horses in various sizes are also found here. This is because the sea in this region still have not settled many people. In the archipelago Derawan also found the existence of coral Blue Tigger Wall, which is located at a depth of 10 meters under the sea, in the form of the barrier reef along 18 meters of living where trigger fish and thousands of other marine biota.

Beautiful Parai Beach Of Bangka Island

Beautiful Parai Beach Of Bangka Island
HOTEL owned El John Group under Johnnie Sugiarto El CEO John as Indonesia continues to develop tourism in the wings. After establishing pool villa resort, at this time Parai Beach Hotel as a five star hotel room facilities are ready to add as many as 200 more units to support real Babylon Archipelago in 2010.

Development 200 rooms are planned, upcoming in May. In addition, the hotel is also adding a variety of entertainment including a cooperation with Telkom, so the tourists can easily access the Internet through a hot spot that is installed in various facilities Parai Beach Hotel.

"To support this Babel Archi 2010 to Parai utilize this momentum by adding facilities as 200 rooms. We expect the visit Babel Archi 2010 will be accommodation more readily with the additional 200 rooms," said Johnnie accompanied Vice President John El Rina Indonesia confirmed Trisella time journalist, Wednesday (22 / 4) in the Parai Beach Hotel Restaurant.

Recognized tourism in this Provinsi Serumpun Of Sebalai. This is seen with the development of various hotel facilities undertaken by the national pemainpemain such as Novotel and Delta from Compass Gro.

Take the "Yacht" on the island Pannambungang

Take the
Usually, the carpet of white sand beach in the mouth can not be enjoyed simultaneously with shady pine. Enjoy the beautiful world under the sea with Snorkling also can not be done simultaneously with the action challenging flying fox shoots from the trees.

However, it is not valid for travel on the Island Pannambungang Pangkajene and Islands, South Sulawesi. In the major tourist beaches tempuhnya within 45 minutes using the alias yacht boat from Makassar ekesekutif all this activity that can be done simultaneously.

The manager of PT Makassar Hotel Network (MHN) Imperial Hotel Aryaduta the various tourism dish. Carpet of white sand is not only empty. In the blue water there is beautiful coral reefs, sea grass, and sea animals multiformity type, such as fish, sea stars, shrimp, and sea urchin. Snorkling beautiful to enjoy.

The price for 20 people each to pay Rp 300,000 per person, while the price for 10 people each to pay Rp 400,000 per person.

Package price is, the word Nisfa, including round-trip transportation by using the yacht with the name of executive Trinisah and Ship Viking Ship, also including lunch and entrance fees islands.

Nisfa add, in the Island Pannambungan provided a number of facilities for visitors. Facilities outside of the package prices are offered, such as jet ski the cost price of Rp 125,000 per 15 minutes, half jamnya only Rp 250,000, and also have facilities bungalows with Rp 500,000 a night.

92 Island in Indonesia threatened Missing

92 Island in Indonesia threatened Missing
As many as 92 foreign island in Indonesia at this time need to safekeeping because it has taken over foreign parties.

"If not (secured), the fate of 92 islands with the same akan (Island) Sipadan and Ligitan," said researchers from the Indonesian Institute of Science, Prof. Dr. Ono Kurnaen Sumadiharga, in Jakarta, Sunday (24 / 5).

According to him, 92 islands that need to be secured location that spread from Aceh to Papua, and is located quite far from the coastline areas of the inhabited and some not yet have a name.

He cite some of the island which is located around the island of Biak, Papua, which is very rarely visited by government officials. Similarly several small islands in the vicinity of the Natuna Islands, Kepri, which is also rare place.

I love BUNAKEN National Park

I love BUNAKEN National Park
Under the sea scene Bunaken, North Sulawesi, is really interesting. Located in the depth of the sea, berbaur with coral reefs and colorful fish, cause a sensation be difficult.

Bunaken National Park visitors have increased during the World Ocean Conference (WOC) in Manado, North Sulawesi, 11 to 15 May 2009.

"At the beginning of the implementation of the WOC (11 May 2009), the number of visitors from the country reached 38 people, while visitors from abroad reached four people," said the Bunaken National Park, Yanti Salone, in Manado, Sunday (24 / 5).

He estimates the number of visitors on that date because it increases the likelihood that visitors leave through resort has not been checked.

Hotel Under Sea in Dubai

Hotel in dubai
Another "miracle" that will be made by Dubai in addition to building the country in the world in which we had earlier study.

Dubai plans to build hotel will be in the water with a depth of about 20 meters with the name and the Hydropolis will have 220 rooms are shaped like a bubble

At the bottom of the hotel will be a tunnel with a length of 515 meters that can take passengers to see the beauty beneath the sea with the train automatically.

The hotel is planned to be completed in 2009 and will "swallow up" the cost of about U.S. $ 600 million.

If you plan to "try" atmosphere of the hotel under the sea is, prepare your money at least Rp. 50,000,000 per night (sorry, that's not per month,
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