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Imado Temple, the Temple of soulmate in Japan

Imado Temple, the Temple of soulmate in Japan

Tokyo: If you usually hear a beep saying, 'There are many roads to Rome'. This time we can pelesetkan to 'Road to Many Jodoh'. That's what happened in Japan. Sunrise in the country is quite difficult to find a mate. Even-up, the government took 'recommend' to young people who enter the age of marriage was soon married and have offspring.

In Japan to search for a mate can be through several ways. There are a partner through the bureau, through comblang friend, partner or through parents. And that is quite unique, is through the temple. Many single males and Japanese girls looking for a mate to them here. Imado temple, known as the place to find a mate, regularly hold events together mate.

Events in the Temple started with you in prayer with God and how to bow clap their hands. Then the participants start to enter in a room where men and women. This is where they chat to find pairs that are considered suitable. Initially many participants who looks embarrassed to start the chat. But along with the time running, they start to do so. In fact, many of them, which then exchange phone numbers. However, the temple management did not know for certain how many couples successfully to pelaminan through this program.

Up to now, such as Reuters is written, as many as a thousand people have registered in the program. According to the data there is a 3800 Japanese government bureau partner that offers a similar program.

banda sea nautical tourism

banda sea nautical tourism in Maluku

banda sea nautical tourism
Holiday tourism activities in the maritime waters of Banda diverse, such as garden sea view from the top boat, diving, fishing tuna and tuna, to see whales, dolphins, sea birds and witness the Arombai Manggurebe (Belang competition or racing boat). This charming tour can be done in the shade (not choppy sea season), which occurred in March, April, May, September, October and November. Tour here really enjoying and relax because tourists can try their own use tool rod to catch tuna and tuna.

Banda sea garden has 350 species of sea biota, including various types of ancient shellfish that is almost extinct at this time. The beauty of the sea garden in which there are various kinds of fish, the more will spoil the plunger.
Location marine park is located between Banda Neira Island, Gunung Api Island, Pulau Ai, Island and Island Sjahrir Hatta. Precisely located in Central Maluku District, Central Maluku Province.

Visit commemorate Lombok Sumbawa 2012 (VLS)

Visit commemorate Lombok Sumbawa 2012 (VLS)

Visit commemorate Lombok Sumbawa 2012 (VLS) Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono planned to open akan VLS 2009 in Lombok on 6 July 2009.

"Visit Lombok Sumbawa in 2012 will create positive synergy and mutual support between tourism, business, local government, and the central government," said Marketing Director General of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Sapta Nirwandar Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta, Thursday (2 / 7).

At the opportunity, go Sapta, the president also will open the International Ecotourism Business Forum (IEBF). In this forum akan dipertemukan 20 buyers from overseas, such as English, German, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Hong Kong with 25 tourism operators as sellers.

According to Sapta, IEBF activities such as this, the tourist industry is packed in a professional and integrated not only a tourism awareness program. "Rather also a tourism marketing program in line with the concept of the MICE (meeting, incentive, convention, exhibition)," Sapta said.

Further, the Governor of West Nusa Tenggara Majdi Muhammad Zainal accompanying the Sapta said that the VLS for 2012 has been prepared. "This year the international airport in Lombok is complete. Star hotel and non-star already multiply. As many as 2 international hotel, the Ritz Charlton and Giorgio Armani, will soon be built," said Zainal.

Campaign Central Java Borobudur International Festival

Campaign Central Java Borobudur International Festival

 <br />Campaign Central Java Borobudur International Festival
Once removed from the list of Seven World miracle since 2007, tourism in the Borobudur Magelang, Central Java, continues to promote the incentive. One of the akan digelarnya Borobudur International Festival (BIF), which is scheduled to take place 16 July 21 July 2009.

Head of Culture and Tourism Office of Central Java, Bambang Gatot Hastowo, Wednesday (1 / 7), points out, the BIF is performed after the second time in 2003 also held BIF. Held for the purpose of BIF up Pamor tourist destination in the level of the Borobudur the world.

Must be recognized since the Borobudur no longer included in the list of the World Seven miracle status Borobudur is only recorded as a World Cultural Heritage in UNESCO. "Although the impact is not widespread, but the number of foreign tourists visit the country had only 110,340 tourists came down from the previous course to reach 140,000 more foreign tourists," said Bambang Gatot Hastowo.

NTB build Pearl Market First in theWorld

NTB build Pearl Market in the World

NTB build Pearl Market in the First World
West Nusa Tenggara want the region as the International Pearl Market. If properly realized, this is a new one and only international pearl market in the world.

"We started in 2010," the Governor expressed Nusa Tenggara Zainul Majdi Muhammad Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta, Wednesday (2 / 7).

Zainul said, during this pearl has become the icon of NTB. "Anyone who came there to buy a certain home-pearl," he said.

Pearls, Zainul information, have been developed in NTB since 1990. At that time, there is the view from the Japan sea and the water quality fresh water in the NTB is suitable for the cultivation of pearls. "Pearl is very good NTB. Mutiara existing in Spain, Hongkong, Japan or in the pearl of the NTB," he said.

On the basis of that, Zainul optimistic with the international pearl market dibukanya this community NTB akan increasingly advanced. "The pearl industry in the place where we start from the upstream to downstream. Pembudidayaan Starting from the product to be," said Zainul.
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