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Travel to Kota Tua Jakarta

Travel to Kota Tua Jakarta

Travel to Kota Tua Jakarta
A day before the HUT-482 to Jakarta, Batavia Art Festival (BAF) for print record income levy Jakarta History Museum (MSJ), Wayang Museum and the Museum of Visual Arts and Ceramics (MSRK). BAF activity in the 13 years that this is only held once in the previous years in the two-time Sunday (21 / 6), third in the museum levy in the Old City rose about 50 percent.

MSJ in the levy income reached more than Rp 6 million, Wayang Museum, more than Rp 2 million, as well MSRK, print income more than Rp 2 million in just one day is Sunday only. "This record for Museum Wayang. Usually in the day income of Rp 400,000. Retribution Wayang Museum has never been at this," said Kasubag Administration Museum Wayang Sri Kusumawati.

Road Kompol Suprapto , yogyakarta by Becak

Road Kompol Suprapto , yogyakarta by Becak

Road Kompol Suprapto , yogyakarta by Becak
Dozens of foreign tourists pass on the road Kompol Suprapto, Yogyakarta, when using a pedicab around the city. Cultural richness of Yogyakarta remains the attraction foreign tourists.

Estimated as many as 350,000 to 400,000 tourists will visit Yogyakarta city schools during the holiday season that lasts from June to July.

Currently, the hikes have started feeling, one of them can be observed at the start of the parking lot crowded by tourist vehicles.

"We predict the visit of tourists to reach 20 percent or more of the target (1.75 million people per year). At this time the high school graduation announcements or junior high school, right, has just started. Seated, all after school activities completed, the exact number of tourist flows will be much greater, "said Muhtar Hadi, Head of Tourism Department of Yogyakarta, Sunday (21 / 6).

Want to See Collection Ceramics Majapahit, Fees Rp 2000

Want to See Collection Ceramics Majapahit, Fees Rp 2000

Want to See Collection Ceramics Majapahit, Fees Rp 2000
Visiting foreign tourists (Wisman) to the Museum of Visual Arts and Ceramics in the Old City, West Jakarta, is high enough. "The visit to the museum Visual Arts and Ceramics, reaching 200 people, even up to 1,000 people can per day. About 20 to 40 percent of them are foreign tourists," said Staff Education and Museum Exhibitions and Visual Arts Ceramics, Marni Syria, in Jakarta, Wednesday (10 / 6).

Data Art Museum and Ceramics, the number of visits in 2008 to reach 27,386 people, as many as 2594 visitors, among the foreign tourists. Primary school students (primary school) most visited museum Visual Arts and Ceramics in 2008 which reached 11.7455 people, followed by local tourists (visitors from various regions in Indonesia) is 5295 people, and students to reach 3524 people, the 2100 junior secondary school students and students high school as many as 1598 people.

Masjid Sultan Riau Built with White Eggs?

Masjid Sultan Riau Built with White Eggs?

Masjid Sultan Riau Built with White Eggs?
For the people who obeyed, a number of ways can be done to glorify the Creator, The, including establishing a place of worship
beautiful as possible. A course, the mosque Golf Gold Dian Al Mahri in Jakarta or the famous Masjid Al Akbar Surabaya.

However, there is also a mosque built with unique, so make this place become extraordinary. Masjid Sultan Riau in Penyengat Island, Riau Islands, is one of them. They say, building this mosque is made with egg white as glue.

This mosque was built around 1761-1812. Initially, this mosque is only a simple wooden building mud bricks that are only equipped with a tower at approximately 6 meters.

Cagar biosfer new in Riau

Cagar biosfer new in Riau

Cagar biosfer new in Riau
Cagar biosfer new in Riau, which is located in Giam Siak Kecil - Bukit Batu (GSK-BB) recently inaugurated. Inauguration Cagar Biosfer GSK-BB is set at the 21st Session of the council of the International Co-ordinating Council of the Man and the Biosphere Program (MAB / ICC) - UNESCO in the Republic of Korea.

Cagar biosfer the new inaugurated on May 26 to complete this pledge biosfer Indonesia other existing since 18 years ago, namely, Mt Biosfer Cagar Lauser and Siberut Island.

Deputy of Life Sciences LIPI Prof. Dr. Endang Sukara said, biosfer pledge is one way in preserving ecosystems Landscapes following wealth of biodiversity and culture in it.

Swimming with Sharp in karimun jawa island

Swimming with Sharp in karimun jawa island

Swimming with Sharp in karimun jawa island
Distance 45 miles northwest city of Jepara, Karimun Jawa Islands offer a sensation of unforgettable adventure. Wealth baharinya tour the beautiful and still not too crowded selau a charm every domestic and foreign tourists to come to the archipelago which consists of 27 thousand this group of islands.

From Jepara, you can hire a ferry or motor boats to fishermen Karimun Jawa. You can cross over to the Karimun Jawa National Park in about 5 minutes. Uniquely, this ferry, there are only in once a week ie on Monday. Please note that travel on the ferry is very quick and swing. Be careful that you do not need for strong shocks due to akan-akan can feel nausea wrap. Sesampainya in Karimun, white sand carpet is welcome. Beningnya sea water can make you enjoy the beauty of this island under the sea with the naked eye.

Estimation COSTS
1. Ferry boat: Rp 30.000, - (Economics) Rp 60.000, - (VIP)
2. Penangkaran sharks: Rp 5,000 - Rp 10,000
3. Wisma float:-Rp 70,000.00 Rp 180,000.00 / room
4. Motor fishing boat: Rp 200,000.00 Rp 350,000.00-/ full-day boat

Phak Kak liang Situation In hongkong

Phak Kak liang Situation In hongkong or taiwan

Phak Kak liang Situation In hongkong
One area that shaped China's building built over the former vault with a tin of about 2 ha by the descendants of local people, as a health resort for visitors who come to the Belinyu, while enjoying the unique buildings such as in Hong Kong or Taiwan.

That is not less interesting is the area's visitors can see the fresh water fish that big-big pop from the surface of the water, when the tourists provide a fish food that has been provided by a local guard and according to the story that the fish may not be or be eaten.


pemali hot spring at bangka island,indonesia

pemali hot spring at bangka island,indonesiaMost of Indonesian Island, lies in a volcanic belt, however, Bangka Island has no volcanoes. The Pemali Hot Springs is naturally created pool from the underground hot springs in the area. The tin workers found it and today a recreation park exists around the spring's area. Please make sure to bring along your swimming suit and be ready to jump into the hot water pool or just relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the recreation park. Pemali Hot Springs is the main tourism of Sungailiat town, bangka island. This hot springs come from the active land and suit for health and avoid the rigidly by stand in the water. This tourism objects has equipped with some tourism facilities such as; hotels, shops, etc.

Beach Penyusuk colorful of stones

Beach  Penyusuk colorful of stones
Penyusuk Beach is located in Penyusuk village, Belinyu district. The location is not far from Romodong beach, but it offers different nuance than Romodong. It is natural and slope beach. It decorated with colorful of stones. Many stones that compact stand with its bigger waves than Romodong is fenced Penyusuk Beach. Romodong and Penyusuk have different beautiful, but both have great charm. This beach is visited by a lot of visitor because of its beautiful beach and its clear water.

Romodong beach With Crystal Water

Romodong beach With Crystal Water
Romodong beach is located at Bukit Ketok village, Belinyu district, Bangka regency. This beach is about 77 km of Sungailiat town. In this beach, the tourists can watch the sunset, because this beach is faced to west side. The length of this beach is about 4 km; it is slope, white sandy and soft. Its water is very clear like a crystal. Enjoy the beautiful of Romodong. When it low tide, you can walk in the water until in the middle of clear sea. If we see around, we just find the boulders and white sand that spread in the beach. The winds that make the leaves wobbled greet the tourists who looking for an inspiration.

Matras Beach From Bangka Island

MATRAS BEACH From Bangka IslandIt is located in Sinar baru village, Sungailiat district in eastern of Bangka Island. It about 9 Km from Sungailiat, it's considered as the best in Bangka Island. The beach is about 3 kilometers long and its width is almost 30 meters. It is unspoiled white sandy beach with coconut trees around the beach area, the tropical breeze and sunshine. Enjoy the warm and clear waters of the blue sea or just have a cooling swim in the river entering the sea. This beach commonly called as the Heaven Beach because it surrounded with coconut trees and visited by a lot of visitor. An easily accessible beach can be found in the northeast of Bangka, 48 km from Pangkal Pinang and 12 km from Sungai Liat.


This beach is one of Bangka Island’s prides. The beach is located in Sungailiat district. The visitors can find various forms of boulders in this beach, which add its beauty. This beach is very ideal for having swimming, sun bathing and relax. Parai Tenggiri beach has the complete facilities in Bangka Island. There are luxurious hotels and water sport facilities. The tourists will enjoy this beach with the local fishermen who always spend their days by looking for fishes in the sea. The calmness and fresh sea wind will greet the visitor when they arrive there. This welcomed course make the tourists feel comfortable to stay here.

Ijen crater, craters Exotic Green nuances Tosca

 <br />Ijen crater, craters Exotic Green nuances Tosca

Tourism Regions Ijen crater located in the central reserve area Ijen crater in the entrance area Bondowoso District, Kecamatan and Kabupaten Banyuwangi Klobang, District Licin. Crater lake in the form of green tosca a berda at altitude 2368 meters above sea level. Kaldera the crater wall at 300-500m. Ijen lake acidity have degree zero, has a depth of 200 meters. strong acid enough to dissolved clothes and human fingers.

With approximately 5466 hectares of wide, water crater Ijen quite quiet and green bluish. Scenery there looks so stunning in the morning. Crater volume of water about 200 million cubic meters of the summer reached 200 degrees centigrade that emit green sheen when the golden rays jump from the back of Mount Merapi, Gunung Ijen twin brother.

To reach this area there are two ways, first through the city of Banyuwangi far as 38 km to the west through Licin-Cashew-Paltuding. Way through the second Bondowoso city to the east through Wonosari-Sempol-Paltuding far as 70 km. However, although how far this is the second most often selected as the visitors have asphalt roads mulus. While the route is still the way through Banyuwangi makadam form with a quite steep climb.

Beach pasir padi in Bangka Island

Beach pasir padi, Forgetten That

Beach pasir padi in Bangka Island

When set foot on the island of Bangka, a visitor may will be
amazed to see the beautiful beach. The object of many coastal tourism on the island of Bangka apprehend one of the beach sand Rice. Pasir Padi Pangkalpinang located in the City, the city that has around 134,000 inhabitants, which is the only place in the coastal tourist city.
The beauty of South Beach is like the Rice
ignored because the management is less good. In fact, save the beach is a captivating beauty. Until now, only residents may Pangkalpinang City and surrounding areas can enjoy, in addition to a small number of migrants outside the region.

Lack of promotion to become one of the causes why the beach is only visited by many local people. That is only going on every weekend. On weekdays, visitors only come in the afternoon with an average of less than 100 people. Visitors in the afternoon on a routine visit to the Pasir Padi also come from the young child riding a bicycle with a motor.

Water Fall Suhom In Aceh Indonesia

water fall Suhom in aceh
Travel water fall Suhom nature, especially at this time on every holiday, always crowded plateau of recreational visitors, both local residents and foreign tourists. Atmosphere such, different when the condition is still going conflict in Aceh, where a few people want to travel on Air Terjun Suhom.

Visitors who come from out of town or overseas tourists who want to know more in depth about the specifics water Fall Suhom, in this place there is a guide that came from local residents.

Position waterfall is in the middle of the beautiful panorama of nature and natural. In the surrounding there are many durian trees, so that on many seasons king fruit. which sells around the waterfall. In addition, around the waterfall, there are locations that can be used for camping (camping)

Sensation In Panjang Island ,Yogyakarta

Sensation In Panjang Island ,Yogyakarta
Plastic strap mine 200 meters along the three-year-old is the only refuge to explore life at Panjang Island with a "train" buckle hanging from the beach. Adrenalin is terpacu create a sensation of extreme tourism can not be found elsewhere than in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Panjang Island is the name of a small island in the South buckle, District Tepus. This island became the location for catching lobster people around.

For ease of Beach Long Island to the buckle, then building "train" with the rope hanging rel as mine. Tukijan( name of people) together with five friends must swim between the cliff and sea waves against south to make the path "train" is suspended.

Mountain Undersea From Indonesia

Mountain Undersea From Indonesia

Recently, a number of blog sites and many local and foreign volcano under the sea giants team combined the findings of experts, geology of Indonesia, the United States, and France in southwestern Sumatra.

As an archipelago located in the crust of the earth three main plates, the plates Eurasia, Pacific, and Indo-Australia, along the Indonesian archipelago contains a series of volcanoes on land or under the surface of the marine.

BANUA Wuhu, so local people call the mountain, located only 300 meters from the southwest island Mahengetang. Point marked by mountain lava bubbles out of the rocks at the depth of 8 meters. Water temperatures average 37-38 degrees in there centigrade. In a number of holes, the hot water out seem to be able to make hands-naked blister when try to dive in it.
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