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Published on Jumat, 03 Juli 2009

NTB build Pearl Market First in theWorld

NTB build Pearl Market in the World

NTB build Pearl Market in the First World
West Nusa Tenggara want the region as the International Pearl Market. If properly realized, this is a new one and only international pearl market in the world.

"We started in 2010," the Governor expressed Nusa Tenggara Zainul Majdi Muhammad Sapta Pesona Building in Jakarta, Wednesday (2 / 7).

Zainul said, during this pearl has become the icon of NTB. "Anyone who came there to buy a certain home-pearl," he said.

Pearls, Zainul information, have been developed in NTB since 1990. At that time, there is the view from the Japan sea and the water quality fresh water in the NTB is suitable for the cultivation of pearls. "Pearl is very good NTB. Mutiara existing in Spain, Hongkong, Japan or in the pearl of the NTB," he said.

On the basis of that, Zainul optimistic with the international pearl market dibukanya this community NTB akan increasingly advanced. "The pearl industry in the place where we start from the upstream to downstream. Pembudidayaan Starting from the product to be," said Zainul.

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